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About Your Instructors

   William A. Draves is an internationally recognized teacher, author and consultant in adult learning.  He is author ofHow to Teach Adults, the most popular book on the subject with more than 100,000 sales. Draves is the most-quoted expert on lifelong learning by the nation’s media, and teaches in-person courses and online courses in both informal and formal settings.


   Kassia Dellabough has over thirty years of teaching experience in both formal and informal settings. She has been teaching at the university level for over 20 years and currently holds a Senior Instructor position at the University of Oregon. 
   An energetic and motivational speaker, she does presentations, teaches courses and does consulting all over the United States and Canada.

Course objectives

-To provide an understanding of how adults learn, and the characteristics of adults that impact their learning
-To address the issue of learning styles, including sensory, generational and neurological learning styles
-To provide information on both the fundamentals of good teaching, and advanced techniques
-To give participants strategies for preparing in-person courses, teaching face-to-face courses and improving one’s teaching.

Course outcomes

   At the end of successfully completing the course, you will:

-Possess the knowledge of how adults learn, how learning styles impact learning, and how to best help others learn.
-Know the keys to preparing a course, involving your participants, and leading a discussion.
-Get the most advanced, how-to tips and techniques on presenting, using audio-visuals, and other learning tools.
-Have an understanding of how use the web in face-to-face courses, how to develop continual  improvement of one’s teaching, and how learning and teaching will be different in the 21st century.

Completion Requirements