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For anyone who leads virtual meetings or wants to become an empowered virtual meeting member, discover the keys to success in mastering virtual meetings.  Get the knowledge and skills to create and lead positive and goal oriented virtual team meetings. You will also learn when not to use virtual meetings.

We will survey 5 common virtual teaming and collaboration tools and give you criteria for choosing one that works for your meeting purpose.  You will have an opportunity to participate in virtual meetings to explore tools that interest you and refine your skills.  The course also covers how to lead and manage difficult virtual meetings or difficult attendees and how to resolve conflict if it occurs. Come away with skills to enhance your participation and leadership in virtual meetings.

One-month course, Andy Stanhope.

Unit 1: Introduction to Virtual Meetings

-Defining a Great Virtual Meeting Experience
-Identifying the Virtual Meeting Types
-When not to use a Virtual Meeting
-Planning and Organizing Before a Virtual Meeting

Unit 2: Virtual Meeting Tools

-Survey of 5 Common Virtual Meeting Tools
-Choosing a Virtual Meeting Tool
-Using a Webcam to Enhance Your Virtual Meeting
-Optional – Practice with a Small Team.

Unit 3: Leading a Virtual Meeting

-Leading and Managing During the Meeting
-Driving Collaboration Across Attendees
-Building on Outcomes After the Meeting
-Capturing Lessons Learned for Future Virtual Meetings
Unit 4: Managing Difficult Virtual Meetings
-Planning for Virtual Team Success
-Right-Sizing the Virtual Meeting
-Effective Conflict Resolution
-Optional – Practice with a Small Team.
-Course Summary
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ChecklistWhat you will do

For each Unit, you will:
  • Read the print readings 
  • Have the option of accessing the online readings
  • Listen to the audio presentation for the Unit and view the slides
  • Have the option of taking a self-quiz to see how much you have learned
  • Engage in written online discussion with your instructor and other participants
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The Discussion for each Unit lasts one week. All comments are made in writing and can be made at any time of the day or night. Your instructor will log into the Discussion area at least three times per week and answer questions, make comments, and respond to comments by you and the other participants.
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$245 USD

Ave. hours 16; 1.6 CEUs/ILUs

About Your Instructor
Andy Stanhope has a Master’s of Business Administration, a Master’s of Science in Computer Systems and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 25 years’ experience managing projects within medium and large companies, domestically and internationally. He has managed projects in a variety of software implementations, including Oracle, SAP, and SASS applications.  He now works as a senior project manager at a large aerospace corporation. He has previously taught PMP certification preparation sessions as well as taught undergraduate project management courses in Business and IT programs.

Directional ArrowsCourse Objectives

-To characterize and define outcomes for a successful virtual meeting experience
-To provide information on the five most common virtual meeting tools
-To convey the techniques and strategies successful virtual meeting leaders use
-To prepare you to manage those virtual meetings that involve challenges and conflict

Puzzle PiecesCourse Outcomes

After successfully completing this course you will be able to:
-Know when and how to use different types of virtual meetings
-Have an understanding of the most common virtual meeting tools
-Know how to use a webcam to enhance your virtual meeting
-Employ techniques and strategies for a successful virtual meeting



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